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LOTS of FIRST IMPRESSIONS ♡ Testing Out NEW Makeup + Honest Thoughts


Ahhh, another suuuuuper long video, I KNOW! But this one was also so so much fun to film so I couldn’t stop! I just love trying new stuff and sharing my first impressions on camera with you guys! I think I had a TON of hits in this video which is soooo exciting 🙂 Have you guys tried any of these items?? If so, share your thoughts below, I would LOVE to know what you think! And also, please subscribe if you’d like – I’d LOVE it so much! 🙂

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HUGE Fall Haul! ♡ B&BW, Ulta, PINK, elf, H&M, DSW & MORE! ♡


Omg guys, fall/winter just gets me in the mood to SHOP, SHOP, SHOP! ♡ I know you’re feeling the same way! I just neeeeeed to update my wardrobe for the new season, it’s essential! Plus, none of us can go without seasonal candles, am I right?? This is SUUUUPER long, so I hope you had a snack & a cocktail w you 😉 and that you enjoyed! If you have any questions about specific items, let me know in the comments! I LOVE to hear your feedback! Please share your thoughts below & subscribe if you’d like – I’d LOVE it so much! 🙂

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Zoeva: Opulence Collection

Zoeva Cosmetics Opulence Collection 2.png

No, you’re not having deja vu – Zoeva Cosmetics is launching ANOTHER gorgeous collection, this time called the Opulence Collection, on Monday, 11.06 (tomorrow)! The items in this collection are just about the same as the Offline Collection we recently covered – it includes an eyeshadow palette, a blush palette, and a brush kit with a bag!

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